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    • last updated 8/25/2016
    • Latest version: 1.0.0
    A high throughput Loggly sink for Serilog that utilizes the bulk HTTP endpoint.
  • Portable library for easy to use F#-like Discriminated Unions in C#. Implicitly casts objects into OneOf instances, then use .Match extension to do pattern matching. Designed as a partial drop in replacement... More information
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    The DeployR API exposes a wide range of R analytics services to client application developers. These services are exposed using standards based JSON/XML and are delivered by the DeployR server as Web services... More information
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    The .NET RBroker Framework provides a simple yet powerful API that supports the rapid integration of R Analytics inside any .NET application. Simply define an RTask, submit your task to an instance of RBroker... More information