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  • Owin
Owin project compiled for .NET Standard
.NET Standard 1.0 library containing types such as: Rect, Point, Size, Thickness, Color, RoutedCommand, IValueConverter, RoutedEventArgs... part of effort to have cross platform UI stack based on XAML.
The RESTier Core contains framework classes like API-related logic, query inspector/filter/expander/sourcer/executor, convention-based logic like model builder. Part of a framework for authoring rich api data and logic over a data source proxy. Retargeted for .NET Standard 1.1
Owin Hosting with MEF project compiled for .NET Standard HttpListener that comes with Owin can not be used in .NET Standard scenarios as is bases on Windows specific implementation, thus set ServerFactory as below... var options = new StartOptions("http://localhost:8080/"); options. ServerFactory... More information