• This package provides .Net Standard (2.1) and .Net Framework (4) libraries intended to facilitate writing and parsing binary EBCDIC files or other fixed length files. It supports custom and/or built in encoders, including an EBCDIC encoder (IBM037) for convenience. Features include: Character set... More information
  • This package provides .Net 5 common dialogs that actually look GOOD and are multipurpose. This product is provided 'AS IS, NO WARRANTY' and is intended for no specific use or person. In fact, the code herein is so confuggled, it should not be used by anyone ever and anything that happens as a... More information
  • This package provides a .Net Standard (2.1+) and .Net Framework (4 Client Profile) library intended to facilitate mathematic calculations not readily available in System.Math. Features include: Fiscal Calculator (Amortization Calculator and Scheduler). Randomizer (A true random number... More information