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"Syringe is simple engine for post build IL level assembly processing. It serves as a bridge between IL code weaving logic (implemented in separate dll) and target project's build process. Syringe uses MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) to collect every class exported as ICodeAmpoule contract and... More information
LogSpect.Core contains the core implementation of the LogSpect framework. It implements the serialization logic, the basic logging logic and the extensibility points so other logging frameworks can integrate with LogSpect.
Mimick is a Fody add-in which provides a framework for applications including dependency injection, contract validation, method caching, custom aspect decorators, and more.
LogSpect is a light-weight, extensible and easy to use AOP logger for .NET that saves you from the repeating efforts of logging. Just mark the methods you want and everything will be logged automatically: method calls, parameters, return values and exceptions. This package contains the... More information
This package contains some really basic logger implementations (ConsoleLogger, ColoredConsoleLogger and TextFileLogger) for LogSpect. These can be used for simple scenarios, but if you need more functionality and reliability it's highly recommended to use LogSpect with one of the more mature logging... More information
Afterthought allows developers to post-process .NET assemblies to add code that either cannot be added to the original source or is not convenient/efficient to do so. Afterthought runs as a post-build step to process one or more assemblies. It discovers and processes amendments that you create or... More information
Blur by: Jee
Blur provides a fluent and minimalistic way to edit assemblies from the inside, using Mono.Cecil: - Expression / Method printing to MethodBody. - Compile-time mixins. - Custom attributes.