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Parses SQL files to create a meta-object hierarchy with which you can generate C# code such as stored procedure wrappers or Entity Framework entities. Includes templates. Go to https://github.com/aeslinger0/sqlsharpener for more info!
DacSmash a dacpac deployer
Helper to deploy your SQL Server DataTools .dacpac files in code.
SSDT/Dacpac Deployer
A simple package includes sqlserver smo and dacpac service, to handle SqlInstance/LocalDB database creation/deletion/cleanup, and deployment with dacpac from a SSDT project, useful in deployment handling and unittests
T4 templates for tSQLt MS Test code generation
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  • last updated 7/10/2015
  • Latest version: 1.0.1
  • T4 tSQLt SSDT
Contains the T4's required by to generate test classes that can execute tSQLt tests during TFS build.