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Simple yet powerful translation and localisation library for .NET applications. TxTranslation is a complete solution for drop-in localisation in all types of .NET applications (WPF, WinForms, ASP.NET, Service, Console). It has an easy syntax through XAML extensions and Windows Forms binding and... More information
This is a .NET common logic library. This give a generic Authorization functionality as to create password salt and hash and compare. Handle generic exceptions and read the inner exceptions. Give Locale info as all time zones by a country two digit code. Tracking client IP address for any activity... More information
Accessing Culture Information for all available cultures in JavaScript is always difficult and most of the web developer has to search on internet for this information. There may be several options available to fetch this information into Server-side technologies like ASP.Net, JAVA, PHP, and etc.... More information
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A small .NET library to create and cache a thread-safe dictionary of strings used all across an application. This library is meant to serve single-tenant and multi-tenant applications while supporting one culture or multiple ones simultaneously.