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A wrapper for the stateless library to add conditions, persistency and actions to classes. This package adds fields support so you can add flexible fields to a work flow item.
Converts public fields to properties. This version differs from Fielder.Fody only that it ignores the casing on the fields to convert. Fielder.Fody only converts Fields with a first char of upper-case.
Computed fields AUTO INPC for Mvvm Light (UWP)
This very small library is bringing INPC to computed fields with just a single attribute. It works with Mvvm Light 5.1.1+. Current lib has been tested for VS 2015 and UWP/UAP (Windows 10).
[Obsolete] GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET
This package is now obsolete and has been replaced by the GroupDocs.Assembly package. [Obsolete] GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET is a flexible library that allows you to generate documents by filling out merge fields in different formats (Word, Pdf, Excel, PowerPoint) with data obtained from a DB or... More information