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  • MVVM Dynamic Proxy
Helper classes to make ViewModels less verbose. It provides a generic ViewModel class that automatically implements INotifyPropertyChanged, IEditableObject and INotifyDataErrorInfo for the wrapped object using Dynamic Proxy method. This class also facilitates configuring validation against some... More information
MassiveDynamic ProxyGenerator
Massive Dynamic Proxy Generator is a library for generating lightweight .NET proxies on the fly at runtime. Proxy objects allow calls to members of an object to be intercepted without modifying the code of the class. Both classes and interfaces can be proxied, however only virtual members can be... More information
MassiveDynamic ProxyGenerator SimpleInjector
MassiveDynamicProxyGenerator.SimpleInjector is library of extensions method for IoC container - Simple Injector. Adding methods for register mock implementations, proxys, instance proxies for resolving circular depndencies or lazy initialization and interpetion for decoration instances.
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  • dynamic proxy
A simple dynamic proxy.