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ICSharpCode.TextEditor WinForms Control extended by a couple of new options: * Auto-hides Scrollbars when they are not needed * Highlighting drop-down selectable from Forms Editor * Right-click cut/copy/paste menu * Removed ugly dotted line * SQL Highlighting
SEO Content Editor
this is a text editor for articles and contents and it has very helpful tools to count and chart the seo key words and links it well help users to add the html tags to there text and contents you can add it to your pack admin panel easily just put the link to the partial view in in any position... More information
Syncfusion Syntax Highlighting Code Editor for WPF
Syncfusion syntax editor for WPF helps you create interactive code editor applications with syntax highlighting features. It provides all basic editing and clipboard operations such as select all, cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo. Key features: • Basic editing: Allows users to modify and edit... More information