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WebUtility -> decode HTML (special characters..) WebDownloader -> async (POST) download of strings
KinectExtensions: Point3D from Joint Model3DExtensions: make Model3D objects (cylinder, box) TCD.Kinect.Controls.SkeletonPainter3D: three-dimensional output of Skeletons and other objects.
Windows Phone: Scan for barcodes/QR codes with the async CodeScannerPopup control Windows 8: Generate QR codes using TCD.Device.Camera.Barcodes.Encoder Windows 8 ZXing port by Benjamin Soulier (http://www.soulier.ch/?p=1275&lang=en)
Serialize and deserialize XML and JSON to/from Stream or string. Platforms * .NET4.0 and higher * Silverlight 4 and higher * Windows Phone 7.0 and higher * WinRT
NOTE: since v1.2.0 it's a Portable Class Library. Due to the nature of Portable Class Libraries, it's not possible to maintain the System.Windows.Media.Media3D namespace (and extending it). Instead all classes now orignate from TCD.Mathematics TCD.Mathematics provides classrs, which allow advanced... More information
Platforms * .NET4.0 and higher * Silverlight 4 and higher * Xbox360 * Windows Phone 7.0 and higher * WinRT RegularExpressions * Match * MatchAll FriendlyStrings * Welcome (random 'Hello' string) ExtensionMethods * string[].ToCommaSeperated