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SQLParser is, as the name suggests, a parser/lexer for SQL.
CrmAdo is an ADO.Net data provider for Dynamics Crm. It's goal is to make it easy for you to perform CRUD operations against Dynamics Crm. It exposes Dynamics to you as an ordinary ADO.Net data source that you can execute SQL commands against. It allows you to use the familiar ADO.Net classes to... More information
jSQL facilitates the query, update and delete of items, in an array of plain objects, using JavaScript and SQL like syntax. * SQL like syntax * SQL feature implementation: Join, Left Join, Select [Distinct] [Top], Where, Group By, Having, Aggregate functions, Order By [Desc], Update and Delete *... More information
MS Sql extension for Xyapper with T-SQL specific functions such as bulk copy and others.
Simi ORM (Object Relational Mapping) Library – All the inputs and outputs can be strong typed objects. No need for additional data transformation/auto mapper libraries/operation. Two levels of caching to cache most of the applicable reflection generated objects using the DI Singleton lifecycle.... More information