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Create your own Professional Solutions. Flexygo allows you to immediatly build incredible Solutions for companies, professionals and individuals. For easy installation visit https://nuget.flexygo.com/
SeedPacket adds a .seed() method onto IEnumerable for quickly seeding data. Similar to a LINQ extension, it populates lists with realistic data. Ex: var mylist = new List<Item>().Seed(). It is easy to use, with a customizable, and powerful rules engine that keys off the datatype or interface, and... More information
NWheels is an A-to-Z architectural recipe and implementation framework for enterprise-scale application development on .NET platform. This package installs helper classes adapted to NUnit testing framework, for testing modules built on top of NWheels.
FlexyGo Service
Flexygo Service is used for autoupdating flexygo technologies. For easy installation visit https://nuget.flexygo.com/
Grassland System - new development methods focused on speed and reliability. Grassland answers demand for quick customized solutions. Few simple lines of codes creates task assignment, expenses tracking fullly function application, and easily advances to complete solution. Grassland supports... More information