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Easily create procedural noise data on your GPU using OpenCL. For further instructions and usage visit http://codedrain.net/cloon It provides several noise fractals like FractalBrownianMotion, Voronoi, RidgedMultifractal... It is based on Cloo. This is a rewrite of Luminoise by YellPika!
Simplex Noise implementation offering 1D, 2D, and 3D forms. Based on work by Heikki Törmälä (2012) and Stefan Gustavson (2006). Core algorithm designed by Ken Perlin (2001). This library provides 1D, 2D, and 3D simplex (coherent) noise, which is useful for procedural content generation - for... More information
Provides numerics types like Point2, Point3, Size2 and Size3. ColorExtensions provides extensions for conversion between Color and Vector3/Vector4. EzMath class provides: - Epsilon, PI, E, Tau, Deg2Rad, Rad2Deg, InvLogE2, Gamma and InvGamma constants. - Abs, Acos,... More information