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This nuget updates your AssemblyInfo.cs with data from git repository based on GitFlow model (http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/), allowing you to create Semantic Versioning (http://semver.org/). It is basically a modification of GitVersion... More information
This is a standardized set of build script components that provide reliable builds to projects that follow some basic standard conventions. The build script will compile the projects for all allowed and defined architectures, run tests, build human readable test reports and build (and optionally... More information
A simplified/faster version of GitVersion to help you achieve Semantic Versioning on your project.
Stamps an assembly with git information based on SemVer. This alternate version works on Ubuntu 18.04 and doesn't have UtilPack as a dependency (which caused a lot of problems for me). The downside is that it only works with `msbuild`, but not with `dotnet build`.