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  • Intervals Enums
Library for work with intervals and helpers fo enums
Models and Enums library for microservicing 2.2.4 - Deleted fockinn constructor 2.2.3 - Definitely small changes 2.2.2 - Fixed symbol in constant 2.2.1 - Added EmailCreate endpoint constant 2.2.0 - Added EmailEvent, inheritated all events from MessagingEvent, little fixes... More information
Flexible and extendable enums for C#: * It is possible to use other member values than integral types. For example: - Strings that automatically represent their member name: * This prohibits incorrect usage of integral values when they are not needed; * It removes the need to keep track of... More information
ACT Support Enums - Used Across All ACT Projects. This can also be used for any project, parts cant be used, etc. General Purpose Repository for Enums.