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A set of extensions and helpers for use in Windows UWP apps, including detecting device type, debugging memory usage and dispatching to the UI thread.
An easy wrapper for the RabbitMQ client that allows inclusion in DotNetCore projects. Can be used with the standard dependency injection provided in DotNetCore. Provides a HostedService implementation for subscription based DotNetCore services.
NLite Domain Framework 简称NDF, 是一个轻量级的服务分发器框架,该框架以业务逻辑的高内聚,高复用性,高松耦合和便捷的可测试性为宗旨,支持嵌入式和分布式部署, 支持Asp.net Mvc,WebForm, Winform等,以NLite组件为基础, 支持服务别名,方法别名,方法重载,方法参数的自动绑定,校验功能和Filter等扩展功能。 NDF和Asp.net MVC
GodletRouter is a HTTP request multiplexer. It matches the URL of each incoming request against a list of registered patterns and calls the handler for the pattern that most closely matches the URL.
The Command Dispatcher pattern is an addition to the Command design pattern that decouples the dispatcher for a service from its execution. A Command Dispatcher component maps commands to handlers. A Command Processor pattern provides a framework for handling orthogonal concerns such as logging,... More information
Brigadier.NET is a port of Mojang's brigadier command line parser & dispatcher, originally for Minecraft: Java Edition and now freely available for use elsewhere under the MIT license. This port is not supported by Mojang or Microsoft.
Evolution allows companies to integrate applications on a global scale without complex infrastructure or software. It enables developers to rapidly and cost-effectively transition existing Windows desktop applications to a service or API-based model. Whether you are an independent software vendor... More information