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Librairie de routines graphiques Développée en C# et Python But : afficher des courbes et des signaux , notamment des FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) et DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform). Mais cette librairie peut etre utilisée pour afficher toutes formes de courbes et signaux. Librairie utilisée,... More information
A library to deal with GnuPlot - www.gnuplot.info -- View lib documentation: https://github.com/AwokeKnowing/GnuplotCSharp
MSChartWrapper is a wrapper around Microsoft chart control for Win32. If you wish to create a simple line-chart or column-chart but do not want to dive into the API for Microsoft Chart Control, this is for you. Its API enables one to easily plot a series with a few function calls, or pop the chart... More information
LightningChart® Ultimate is the fastest 2D and 3D WPF data visualization toolkit for science and finance. 3 WPF APIs included: - Non-Bindable for best performance - Semi-Bindable for great performance and property binding features - Fully-Bindable for properties and data binding in... More information