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Adds a T4 template to your C# project that, when transformed, generates a strongly-typed wrapper around every Resource File (*.resx) in the project. Useful for eliminating magic strings and where localizable Attributes are needed. See http://code.google.com/p/t4-resx/ for more details.
This tool generates design classes of ftl files. Set the type of the FTL file to Emmbedded Resource and set the `Custom Tool` to `MSBuild:GenerateFtlTask`.
Smart internationalization for .NET web apps; Globally recognized interface; localize like the big kids; Localizes everything; controller calls, views, validation attributes, and routes.
MvcLanguageUrls adds language switch to every url in the MVC appplication. It has the ability to redirect or change language switch in urls. More info: https://mvclanguageurls.codeplex.com/