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Bench multi threaded code with ease. Can Store bench in sql database. Can Visualize with a WPF Client (Visit the Git site to download the GUI).
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A lightweight and simple benchmark tool. This is a compiled version of BenchmarkLite.
SimpleSpeedTester is a simple, easy to use framework that helps you speed test your .Net code by taking care some of the orchestration for you. It should NOT be confused with a performance profiler such as JetBrains' dotTrace or RedGate's ANTS profiler. The SimpleSpeedTester is... More information
This package includes bench-console, a tool that allows to run and aggregate results of benchmarks are written using BenchmarkSuite.Framework
Framework for creating benchmarks for your application using NUnit-like style by decorating benchmarks with [Bench] and [BenchFixture] attributes
Benchy by: keza
Benchy is an open source .net tool for benchmarking the execution speed of sections of code after each build. Benchmarks are graphed so that changes to performance characteristics in builds can be easily visualised.
A lightweight performance benchmark tool published by Etimo The key points are: - Lightweight and simple to use, for individual component benchmarking or for comparing different components - Supports specifying nested groups of delegates to be benchmarked hierarchically and... More information