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  • last updated 7/24/2014
  • Latest version: 3.0.26
  • Wolfpack Monitoring
Wolfpack.Publishers adds the necessary interfaces and base classes to create your own custom Publishers.
Wolfpack.Core.Testing provides a set of helpers and mocks to help test Wolfpack plug-ins. Wolfpack uses StoryQ to provide a BDD framework for plugin development.
Provides a fake health check plugin for the Wolfpack Distributed Monitoring System. This is can be forced to create an always passing or failing notification, useful for testing Wolfpack publishers.
Provides a REST client (currently based aruond RestSharp) to interact with the Wolfpack WebService API. If you want to quickly connect to the API then this is the best way however any standard web client could be used.
TripleA.StoryQ contains extensions to integrate TripleA based tests into the StoryQ BDD framework.
*** Install with Chocolatey! (cinst wolfpack) *** Wolfpack is an extensible .Net windows service based framework for running jobs to monitor your software and system. The data collected can be sent directly to Databases like SqlServer and MongoDb and also to dashboards. It comes preloaded with some... More information
Wolfpack.Contrib.Deployment is an installable package that adds the ability to build deployment orientated plug-ins to react to a Wolfpack HealthCheck message. This package includes the ability to automatically download, unpack and execute a NuGet package of NUnit tests and then publish the results... More information