ReCAPTCHA MVC lets you embed a CAPTCHA in your web pages in order to protect them against spam and other types of automated abuse. DEMO and Document => The primary features of the library are: --> reCAPTCHA API verion 2.0 Support --> The color theme of the... More information
HTML5 <optgroup> tag in MVC There is no built-in support in the framework for this kind of drop down lists. The <optgroup> is used to group related options in a drop-down list. Documentation/DEMO
MVC 4 Paging with bootstrap or without bootstrap design also has different options like ItemTexts, TooltipTitles, Size, Alignment, IsShowControls, ItemIcon, metro css supported. Demo Now mvc paging areas supported.
HTML5 Audio & Video The HTML5 draft specification introduced the video element for the purpose of playing videos or movies, audio element which specifies a standard way to embed an audio file on a web page, many modern websites show videos. HTML5 provides a standard for showing them. Demo... More information
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To generate js, css, image files link from cdnjs or any others cdn provider. @Html.LoadCdn("jquery", "1.8.3", "jquery.min.js") @Html.LoadCdn("meyer-reset", "2.0", "reset.css") @Html.LoadCdn("twitter-bootstrap", "2.3.2",... More information