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Mini/Easy Object Property Value Getter. More Details in Github Link : [ValueGetter: Mini/Faster Object Property Value Getter. ](https://github.com/shps951023/ValueGetter)
A high performance and easy Excel(xlsx,csv) Micro-Helper that avoids OOM and without third-party dependencies to create/query/template-fill-data. Github : https://github.com/shps951023/MiniExcel Gitee : https://gitee.com/dotnetchina/MiniExcel Issues :... More information
Simple AngularJS Mini Spa ASP.NET MVC Application Sample. Add this package to a newly created ASP.NET MVC project template.
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  • last updated 4/4/2018
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  • Akinator Mini Game
A free open-source library for playing Akinator using C#
More Details in Github Link : [DbSqlHelper : Mini/Easy RDBMS SQL Helper. ](https://github.com/shps951023/DbSqlHelper)
More Details in Github Link : [DBSearch : Mini/Fast Multiple DBMS Search](https://github.com/shps951023/DBSearch)
A high performance Micro-Helper without any third party library and supporting Excel xlsx create and read etc.. Github : https://github.com/shps951023/EasyExcelCore Issues : https://github.com/shps951023/EasyExcelCore/issues Todo :... More information