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  • loggly
A .NET client for loggly. Supporting Https, Syslog UDP and encrypted Syslog TCP transports.
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  • loggly
Configuration classes for loggly clients. Settings are read from app.config or can be programmatically injected at runtime. See readme.md for documentation
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  • NLog Loggly
A custom target for NLog that sends log messages to loggly.com using the loggly-csharp library
Provides logging implementations and abstractions for writing ILoggerFacade logs with Loggly's services. This includes implementations using either Loggly Syslog or Loggly's REST based API
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  • logging loggly
Eleven41.Logging.Loggly is an implementation of Eleven41.Logging.ILog to send log messages to Loggly.
Semantic Logging - Loggly Sink
Sink extension to the Enterprise Library Semantic Logging Application Block. Adding support for the log data management tool Loggly, www.loggly.com.