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FParsec is a parser combinator library for F#. You can find comprehensive documentation for FParsec at http://www.quanttec.com/fparsec. The documentation includes a feature list, a tutorial, a user’s guide and an API reference. This package uses the basic “low-trust” configuration of FParsec,... More information
FParsec.CSharp is a thin C# wrapper for FParsec. Documentation: https://github.com/bert2/FParsec.CSharp Release notes: Make parameters of the parser `Debug()` optional.
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  • fparsec date parser
Nadapa is a small utility library that can be used for extracting DateTime objects from natural language text.
FS.INIReader - INI Parser library.
Parser to read INI configuration files. This file format is less verbose to load initialization configuration such as database connections, server ports, ids and paths.