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JQuery DataTables Serializer
A framework for the serialization of the popular JQuery DataTables Plug-in. There are two small libraries, CubedElement.DataTable.Contracts and CubedElement.DataTable.Model, and when building this the goal was not only to make it user friendly, but to make it n-tiered and IoC friendly too!
Provides a fluent configuration API to apply commonly needed serialization options to a POCO (and it's properties). Follows same conventions and principals as FluentValidator.
Json Datacontract Builder
Yeah, you can access json with dynamic & Json.Net. But why can't we have the old static way? Is there no one miss the happiness of working with intellisense? There must be a easy way. 动态调用RestAPI返回的json, 确实很简单 但是你自己要封装一个SDK给别人,你好意思给人家说明书让人家看着说明书动态调用么?... More information
WCF DataContract Serializable TableEntity
DataContract Serializable TableEntity base class that implements azure table storage ITableEntity interface. For the classes that need to be written to table storage, all that is required is to inherit from this base class and that s all. TableEntity class in the client SDK can be used as a base... More information