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This package contains class library which boosts your program with functionality covering various type conversions, utility classes, database abstraction layer, object mapping and simple application framework. To be used by wide range of applications, services, web or console programs.
ODP.NET, Managed Driver is a 100% native .NET code driver. No additional Oracle Client software is required to be installed to connect to Oracle Database. Note: The 32-bit Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio download from http://otn.oracle.com/dotnet is required for Entity Framework... More information
Library of .NET functions, extensions and components including asynchronous processing queues, configuration APIs, diagnostics, error handling, console functions, adapter framework, active directory and local account functions, checksum algorithms, unit conversion, binary parsing, cron-style task... More information
A SQLitePCL.raw 'provider' bridges the gap between SQLitePCLRaw.core and a particular instance of the native SQLite library. Install this package in your app project and call SQLitePCL.raw.SetProvider(new SQLitePCL.SQLite3Provider_e_sqlite3()); Depending on the platform, you may also need to add... More information
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1、通用实体类、接口、枚举、特性、配置扩展方法集合 2、.nercore升级到2.2 3、稳定版本 4、扩展ErrorCodeConst 5、修改UN_KNOWN_18001为UN_KNOWN_99999 4、添加 VerifyCode, 验证码 结合 LJH.BO.Verify.Code, 数据里面必须包含 VerifyGuid 5、添加 VerifySms 短信验证 结合 LJH.BS.DevPlatform 数据里面必须包含 VerifyGuid