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Minio .NET SDK for Amazon S3 Compatible Cloud Storage.
Windows平台第三方登录和云存储插件,全面支持Windows 8.1/Windows Phone8.1/Windows Universal(Win10)系统,支持九幽、QQ、新浪微博、推特、facebook五种第三方账号登录方式,提供中英日韩四国语言版本,根据用户终端语言检测自动切换,三套精美模板可供选择;同时提供每用户多达20个应用专属附加参数为开发者调用修改,用户信息云存储,灵活调用
适用于Windwos8.1/Windows Phone8.1/Windows Universal(Win10)App调用,提供云端存储、调用,图片压缩等服务,开通一次后名下应用均可使用,并且赠送5G免费存储空间和每天免费使用额度!集成简单,5分钟让你拥有自己的云端存储服务器!
This project is a wrapper for the Seafile web api for .Net implemented as a portable class library (PCL). The aim is to create a library to easily access a Seafile server and the files stored there through a .Net application in a strong-typed fashion (no custom JSON parsing and with meaningful... More information