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  • central config
Replacement for System.ConfigurationManager to enable centralised configuration
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  • 3pl central
A C# .net wrapper for 3PL restAPI http://api.3plcentral.com/rels/billboard Developed on .Net Core 2.0 Currently Covers a limited set of REST API if people are looking for a wider support feel free to mail or open an issue Covered End... More information
O SisDEV Consulta Sinesp é uma biblioteca para buscar dados de veículos brasileiros no Detran. Ideal para identificar veículos com restrição Furto/Roubo. Obs: O SINESP pode bloquear conexões vindas de fora do país.
Mondo.NET is a .NET client library for the Mondo bank HTTP API. Use it to build apps and view your accounts, balances and transactions, create feed items, manage webhooks and attachments, and more! https://getmondo.co.uk