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OneAutomata Messaging Client
OneAutomata Messaging Client is the latest messaging queue library that works with centralized messaging. Send emails, iCal events, FTP files, web service calls and tweets to the messaging queue for immediate or delayed delivery. Requires OneAutomata Web (FREE) to store and receive messages, view... More information
OneAutomata Log Client
OneAutomata Log Client is the latest Logging library that supports centralized logging. Write and control logs that include attachments, performance logs, exceptions, trace logs, monitoring logs, information logs, development logs, request logs and so much more, all to a centralized location for... More information
OneAutomata Cloud Logger
Rapidus Logger is the latest Logging library that out of the box (no configuration) just logs. Send logs exceptions, attachments to the Cloud. Perfect for rapid development. No setup, no account, no configufration to start logging...just start logging. View your logs:... More information