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ILGPU compiler and runtime library for convenient and high-performance GPU programming in .Net. Samples can be found in the GitHub repository: https://github.com/m4rs-mt/ILGPU.Samples
.NET Low Level Interop Bindings for Ubiquity.LibLLVM. Direct use of this low level API is discouraged, instead you should use the Llvm.NET package, which provides a full C# object model projection of the LLVM APIs on top of this library.
JitBuddy provides a small helper method to disassemble to a x86/x64 ASM listing the native code generated by the JIT of a managed method.
Associative collection like usual Dictionary<K, V>, but with comparer type preserved instead of hiding behind the interface. Enables devirtualization of calls to the key comparer. Enables reusing instances of inner array of entries via ArrayPool<T>.Shared. Provides ToFictionary() extension methods... More information