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Handful of methods inside Validate class to help perform standardized checks and catch the appropriate exceptions. This is a project ported from a private corporate application in an attempt to reduce code duplication. Feel free to use as you see fit. This is an open source project, so if you want... More information
QuartzHost任务调度基类 添加job实现抽象方法即可 Quart.Net 在dotnetcore3.1平台的实现任务的启动、停止、新建、暂停、恢复等
Позволят расчитать параметры сетей IPv4 по адресу и маске, а также рассчитать параметры подсетей постоянной и переменной длины. Allows you to calculate the parameters of IPv4 networks by address and mask, as well as calculate the parameters of subnets of constant and variable length.