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AspNetPager是ASP.NET网站或Web应用程序中用于分页的自定义控件,功能强大、灵活,使用方便,同时支持回发(Postback)和url两种分页方式。 在线示例:http://www.webdiyer.com/aspnetpager/demos/ 在线帮助文档:http://www.webdiyer.com/aspnetpager/docs/
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AntiXSS is an encoding library which uses a safe list approach to encoding. It provides Html, XML, Url, Form, LDAP, CSS, JScript and VBScript encoding methods to allow you to avoid Cross Site Scripting attacks. This library is part of the Microsoft SDL tools.
MvcPager分页控件是在ASP.NET MVC Web应用程序中实现分页功能的一系列扩展方法,该分页控件的最初的实现方法借鉴了网上流行的部分源代码, 尤其是ScottGu的PagedList<T>类和相关方法,经过站长不断完善和改进后推出的比较成熟而且功能强大的ASP.NET MVC分页解决方案。 MvcPager主要功能有: 实现最基本的url... More information
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  • ASP.NET Validation
Validation attributes that can be used in any .NET 4.0 project to supplement the existing Data Annotations attributes. If you are using MVC3 and also want client validation, use the DataAnnotationsExtensions.MVC3 package.
Glimpse is a web debugging and diagnostics tool used to gain a better understanding of whats happening inside of your ASP.NET 4.0 application. For ASP.NET MVC3 support, please NuGet Glimpse.MVC3.
一个易用,强大的jquery分页插件。 适用多种分页场景,有详细的说明文档。 不管你信不信,反正我是信了。 BUG反馈邮箱:40799225@qq.com
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  • routing asp.net
RouteMagic is a library of useful Routing helpers. See http://haacked.com/archive/2011/01/30/introducing-routemagic.aspx for more information.