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Provides all your needs to create any plugin for Autocount Accounting V2.0
Provides a simple .NET api for access the REST API of accountancy firm Crunch.co.uk At the moment awaiting testing of the 'write' side of the api, it has only been tested with the read side. *** THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL API from Crunch.co.uk although they have been made aware of it's existance... More information
NetLedger is a simple, self-contained ledgering library for adding debits and credits, checking balances, and performing commits on pending entries. NetLedger is self-contained and uses Sqlite; should you need a version using an external database, please contact us.
Simple client connector to Xero API with OAuth 2. For more information, visit https://github.com/erossini/XeroConnector or https://www.puresourcecode.com/dotnet/csharp/integrate-xero-with-csharp-applications/