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Smart 是一个免费、开源、快速、简单、面向对象的轻量级.NET开发框架。
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  • noolite smart home
Wireless control of appliances using the system NooLite (http://www.noo.com.by). Adapters PC118/1116/1132 and RX1164/2164 are supported. Ethernet gateway PR1132 are supported.
Moov SDK
Moov is a Bluetooth LE smart device that enable real-time coaching based on how you move. There is still not an official Windows Phone support by Moov. This SDK porting provide support for 9-axis motion sensing data access ( accelerometer,gyroscope ), main button pressure management and LED light... More information
Vonk.Smart support API to control authentication/authorization of a FHIR Server on ASP.NET Core.
Vonk.Smart is an addition to the Vonk.Core library (https://www.nuget.org/packages/Vonk.Core) that brings Smart on FHIR Access Control functionality to your FHIR Server.
Smart 是一个免费、开源、快速、简单、面向对象的轻量级.NET开发框架。