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The EMDK for Xamarin v6.0 provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools to easily create powerful line of business applications for Android enterprise mobile computing devices while retaining their C# skills and tools. The EMDK for Xamarin includes class libraries, sample applications with... More information
Supports DevExpress XtraReports 17.2.4+ and hotfixes of 17.2.3 This project is now on track to be deprecated. What you need to know: https://github.com/jnm2/DevExpressMods/issues/23 Kudos to DevExpress for doing the right thing and providing a first-class experience! That was the goal I was hoping... More information
Stimulsoft Reports.Web for .NET Core is a reporting tool designed to create and render reports in Web using native .NET Core report engine. Stimulsoft Reports.Web will provide the complete cycle of report designing, from creating report templates and ending with showing them in a web browser. All... More information
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  • base symbol
Please see https://github.com/symbolspace/Symbol/wiki/Symbol.dll for more information.
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  • nosql ado orm symbol
Please see https://github.com/symbolspace/Symbol.Data/wiki/Home for more information.
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  • cloud symbol
Please see https://github.com/symbolspace/Symbol.Cloud/wiki/Home for more information.
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  • web symbol
Please see https://github.com/symbolspace/Symbol/wiki/Symbol.Web.dll for more information.
This is a legacy package for embedding Syncfusion Report Designer in your WPF application. The Syncfusion Report Designer for WPF is a .NET control package to create and edit reports in RDL formats within a .NET application. Key features: • Popular data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server,... More information
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  • cloud server symbol
服务端组件 请在最终运行的项目中引用对应运行环境库,例如基于DotNetty的Symbol.Cloud.Server.DotNetty