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This library includes shared methods, structures and constants for use throughout the Vanara assemblies. Think of it as windows.h with some useful extensions. It includes: * Extension methods for working with enumerated types (enum), FILETIME, and method and property extractions via reflection *... More information
Shared methods, structures and constants for use throughout the Vanara.PInvoke assemblies. Includes: * IEnumerable helpers for COM enumerations * Custom marshaler for CoTaskMem pointers * Enhanced error results classes for HRESULT, Win32Error and NTStatus * Standard windows.h macros (e.g. HIWORD,... More information
Classes for security related items derived from the Vanara PInvoke libraries. Includes extension methods for Active Directory and access control classes, methods for working with accounts, UAC, privileges, system access, impersonation and SIDs, and a full LSA wrapper.