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Code Only Stored Proecedures
A library for easily calling Stored Procedures in .NET. Works great with Entity Framework Code First models. Code Only Stored Procedures will not create any Stored Procedures on your database. Instead, its aim is to make it easy to call your existing stored procedures by writing simple code.
TeamCity GoogleTest Streamer
Small header-only library for better integration of GoogleTest into TeamCity. Large portions of this code are based on work by JetBrains: https://github.com/JetBrains/teamcity-cpp This package does not have a formal dependency to any googleTest nuget package. However, you need googleTest in order... More information
Simple configuration container in case DI with more sophisticated containers is not used. Supports the JSON config files, command line arguments and environment variables as sources and their hierarchy/overrides. The configuration can be used as key-value pairs or bound to objects (Source only... More information