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This is a JWT library. Currently this can verify tokens, check expiration ("exp"), check not before ("nbf"), check subject ("sub"), and can be used with any of these cryptography algorithms: HS256, HS382, HS512. Uses Semantic Versioning starting from 1.1.0
Chilkat .NET Class Library (64-bit) for SSH/SFTP, FTP, CAdES, XAdES, REST, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, SSL/TLS, Zip, REST, OAuth2, HTTP, RSA, XML DSig, Encryption, Compression, XML, Socket, XMP, HTML to XML, JSON, JWT, OAuth1, conversion, PKCS12/PFX, Java Keystore, ASN.1, PEM, ECC, Async, ...
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A set of tools to deal with Auth0 based Jwt tokens in .Net
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For JSON Web Token (JWT) creation, parsing and validation.
Small browser library with TypeScript definitions for decoding Base64Url-encoded JWT tokens.