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DevForce takes care of your application's infrastructure-the gap between your data-layer and client-layer where the difficult job of turning raw data into business objects and moving them to and from the client's screen takes place. DevForce fills this gap so you don't have to. Instead of building,... More information
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贤心的layer弹出对话框,最新版本是 3.1.1,但是有一个按回车会重复提交的bug,我(周游)已向贤心提交BUG,但老大不理我,我只好自己修复了这个BUG,出了个3.1.1.1的版本。贤心联系我随时删除此版本。
Sin.Net.Domain contains a domain layer with abstractions and interfaces for any application purpose. It contains a basis for logging, data repositories and the persistence layer with import and export functionality.
Syncfusion Maps for UWP control is a data visualization component that provides a graphical representation of geographical data. It has highly interactive and customizable features such as zooming, panning, selecting, legends, markers, bubbles, and color mapping. Key features: • Shape layers:... More information
LeadPipe.Net is a collection of common business objects. LeadPipe.Net is an open source collection of useful tools for .NET development. Read more about the LeadPipe.Net library at http://github.com/LeadPipeSoftware/LeadPipe.Net
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Layer API .NET portable library
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  • CSLA Business Core
Supports the creation of Class Library projects containing business domain classes, Windows Services, Console applications and other native Windows application models. CSLA .NET provides a home for your business logic. It is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and... More information