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A C# implementation of R2RML, which allows creating R2RML and converting relational data to RDF using the .NET Framework
dotNetRDF.Data.Sql provides an simple SQL based triplestore for use with dotNetRDF intended primarily for small scale deployments where dedicated triple stores are not deployable. Works with SQL Server 2005 and higher or SQL Azure
F# type providers for RDF and SPARQL. GraphProvider generates types from a schema or sample RDF graph. UriProvider generates Uri properties for IRIs in RDF vocabularies. SparqlCommandProvider and SparqlQueryProvider provide some type safety for SPARQL.
LITEQ is a type provider for RDF data / SPARQL endpoints. It features a property based type provider intended to work with SPARQL endpoints that don't provide any schema and NPQL, the node path query language, that provides a simple graph traversal based query language that gets translated into... More information
LINQtoSPARQL is specific LINQ to SPARQL. Dynamically scaffolds SPARQL queries by using LINQ style. Built on top of DynamicSPARQL project https://github.com/Efimster/DynamicSPARQL/wiki. Please visit project wiki pages https://github.com/Efimster/LINQtoSPARQL/wiki .