altcover.visualizer 6.2.727

A cross-platform pre-instrumenting code coverage tool set for .net/.net core and Mono

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dotnet tool install --global altcover.visualizer --version 6.2.727
This package contains a .NET Core Global Tool you can call from the shell/command line.

Release Notes

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# 6.2.727 (Fukurou series release 7 respin)
* [BUGFIX] Issue #74 -- Strip unwanted dependencies from released code.
* Generally, move to .net core 3.0 for build (many other changes in process only)
* With the F# 4.7 compiler, static linking FSharp.Core into the recorder has been fixed, and has been adopted
* In .net core 3.0 release, `dotnet build` no longer does a `dotnet publish` to the output directory
* Issues #68 and #73 and their fixes are now moot; in particular, `FSharp.Core` no longer needs to be auto-excluded from instrumentation in the .net core tool any more than in the Framework tool; nor does that assembly need to be copied if otherwise absent.

# 6.2.719 (Fukurou series release 6)
* [BUGFIX] #Issue73 In .net core 3.0 preview and RC, `dotnet build` does a `dotnet publish` to the output directory, including FSharp.Core in F# projects.  Automatically exclude that file from instrumentation by the .net core tool to avoid mutually recursive calls between the recorder assembly and FSharp.Core that cause a stack overflow.  This  is not required for the Framework/Mono tool as that static links its dependency. I've not found a way to static-link FSharp.Core in the .net core world that doesn't fail with errors.
* [BUGFIX] For --visibleBranches, fix up C# loops, and the path numbering for decompiled `switch`/`match` logic

# 6.2.714 (Fukurou series release 5)
* [BUGFIX] Finish wiring up `/p:AltCoverLocalSource` support
* [BUGFIX] Fix failure when input/output directories were specified with a trailing separator character
* [HACK] mitigate Issue #71 by simply ignoring null module identifiers.
* [API] `-v|--visibleBranches` option (bool `VisibleBranches` default false in API, `-VisibleBranches` PowerShell flag) to simplify the reporting of `switch` or `match` cases where the compiler produces a tangle of `if`/`else` branches that give surprising results in a `ReportGenerator` output (e.g. `null` taking a different branch to a `default` case than a non-`null` value as per Issue 72)
* Use a leading `?` as a negator for filter matches e.g. `?(a|b)` means "exclude anything that doesn't match a or match b", or `?MyApp` means exclude anything that doesn't contain `MyApp`; no valid .net regex begins with this so it's backwards compatible.  Between this and the previous release's `--localSource` (now fully supported) option, the need to resort to cumbersome constructs involving negative lookahead regexes should be reduced.

# 6.1.708 (Fukurou series release 4)
* [BUGFIX] reinstate the PowerShell Core (`pwsh`) `Invoke-AltCover` support for strongnaming.
* [API] `-l|--localSource` option (bool `LocalSource` default false in API, `-LocalSource` PowerShell flag) to ignore .pdb files that refer to source files not present on the current computer (test is if the first file found exists or not, and assumes that this is all-or-nothing, and assume no coincidences in naming).
# 6.0.705 (Fukurou series release 3)
* [BUGFIX] in the case of multiple output folders, properly weave the AltCover recorder assembly dependency into all `dotnet` projects, not just the first.
* [BUGFIX] when using the `dotnet` version of the tools, and when a suitable FSharp.Core package is present in the nuget cache, it is not necessary to copy one from the AltCover deployment to the output folder for a `dotnet` project
* [BUGFIX] create the directory to hold the report file if it does not already exists
* Use Mono.Cecil 0.11 for strongnaming in `dotnet`, removing the local reimplementation of assembly writing with strongnaming.

# 6.0.700 (Fukurou series release 2)
* [BUGFIX] in `dotnet test` the pipe character `|` is used as a separator because the previous choice of `;` didn't play nice with MSBuild.  To escape pipe characters inside regular expressions, double them up `||`.  See the [Usage]( and [`dotnet test`](`dotnet-test`-integration) wiki pages for more detail.

# 6.0.698 (Fukurou series release 1)
* [BREAKING] Allow multiple input and output directories for instrumentation into a single report.  This changes the types in API structures from `string` to `string seq` (F#) or `string[]` (C#) where appropriate.  Use case : [instrument multiple unit test assemblies in one go]( for running as [a single test step]( to collect coverage.
* Enable the `--sn` and `-k` arguments in the `dotnet` build.  This doesn't change any APIs, but it does mean that these arguments are no longer ignored for the .net core platform.  This work borrows from changes recently made in Mono.Cecil but not yet in a release build; in the fullness of time, my roll-my-own support will be replaced with the real deal.
* For what it's worth, enable the `-d` argument in the .net framework/Mono build (as the APIs already exposed this, the change is behavioural -- any values supplied are used rather than silently dropped)

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