altcover.visualizer 6.0.698

A cross-platform pre-instrumenting code coverage tool set for .net/.net core and Mono

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dotnet tool install --global altcover.visualizer --version 6.0.698
This package contains a .NET Core Global Tool you can call from the shell/command line.

Release Notes

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# 6.0.698 (Fukurou series release 1)
* [BREAKING] Allow multiple input and output directories for instrumentation into a single report.  This changes the types in API structures from `string` to `string seq` (F#) or `string[]` (C#) where appropriate.  Use case : [instrument multiple unit test assemblies in one go]( for running as [a single test step]( to collect coverage.
* Enable the `--sn` and `-k` arguments in the `dotnet` build.  This doesn't change any APIs, but it does mean that these arguments are no longer ignored for the .net core platform.  This work borrows from changes recently made in Mono.Cecil but not yet in a release build; in the fullness of time, my roll-my-own support will be replaced with the real deal.
* For what it's worth, enable the `-d` argument in the .net framework/Mono build (as the APIs already exposed this, the change is behavioural -- any values supplied are used rather than silently dropped)

# 5.3.688 (Ezoguma series release 8)
* [BUGFIX] Branch-chasing could enter an infinite loop burning memory as it went by ignoring instructions that would exit that loop (e.g. return, throw, break)
* Updating consumed libraries and related changes to build process (no functional differences)

# 5.3.679 (Ezoguma series release 7)
* Add the search of the .net core nuget cache into the Framework/Mono build to address issue 20 corner case
* Minor change to usage text for `-o` option to refer to `--inplace`
* On Windows Terminal 0.2.x, the default foreground is ConsoleColor.Gray, and ConsoleColor.White can have the same RGB values as the default background hue ConsoleColor.Black (e.g. the supplied Solarized Light), so don't set the colour to White, but use Foreground instead.
* Use locale-independent string-to-number interconversion in the calculation of CRAP score
* Package `AltCover.exe.config` for the .net framework build, and add `README.html` to the packages that lacked it.
* Updating consumed libraries and related changes to build process (no functional differences)

# 5.3.675 (Ezoguma series release 6)
* In the `Invoke-AltCover -Runner` cmdlet, send the summary text (OpenCover and/or TeamCity style) to the object pipeline as well as to the `Information` channel.
* Option `--defer[:[+|-]]` (default `--defer:-`) (`-Defer` for PowerShell; Defer property on MSBuild task; API field) to keep all the visit data in memory and only write the total out during process exit
* Automatic defer, with in-process data collection, for `dotnet test` to work around the 100ms limitation on `ProcessExit` handling imposed by the VSTest system that led to the "write everything to disk" runner mode in the first place
* Other throughput improvements for data collection

# 5.2.667 (Ezoguma series release 5)
* [BUGFIX] Expose the sourcelink functionality through `dotnet test` as well (`/p:AltCoverSourceLink=true`)
* [BUGFIX] Update help text to current
* [BUGFIX] Fix the long-standing case where two or more branches of a switch go to the same location so that all of them go through the instrumentation
* `/p:AltCoverShowSummary=colour` to echo summary data to stdout in the colour of choice (default: current foreground if `colour` is not a valid `ConsoleColor` case-insensitive name e.g. `"true"`), and equivalent API extensions
* `--teamcity[]:[+][R|B]]` to put an additional (`+`) or replacement teamcity summary, with branches as teamcity branches with `R` or blocks `B` (which. last I tried, was the value to actually show up in the build report); if no optionas are attached, `B` is understood.  Exposed via API field `SummaryFormat`, PowerShell `-SummaryFormat`, `dotnet test` argument `/p:AltCoverSummaryFormat=...`

# 5.1.666 (Ezoguma series release 4)
* `--dropReturnCode` ( `-DropReturnCode` in PowerShell, `ExposeReturnCode` with default value `true` in the Fake API) to not pass the return code of any nested process
* `--sourcelink` to give the source link URL for tracked files rather than the file path (untracked files still have the local file path)
* Visualizer support for sourcelink URLs
* Generate Cobertura to the v4 DTD [](

# 5.0.665 (Ezoguma series release 3)
* [BUGFIX] Restore visualizer support for OpenCover format (internal consistency check failure)
* [BUGFIX] Issue #52 -- fix OpenCover, LCov and Cobertura format output in the case of exclusion by path
* [BUGFIX] Issue #50 -- take Cecil 0.10.3 with the actual fix in it
* Some improvements to the throughput of coverage data, reducing time taken by the instrumented self-tests.

# 5.0.664 (Ezoguma series release 2)
* [BUGFIX] Issue #49 -- `dotnet test` integration : internally, escape the '\' character, which is  is helpfully treated by MSBuild as a path separator and flipped to be '/' on non-Windows platforms when introduced through `/p:AltCover*Filter` arguments.
* [BUGFIX] Issue #48 -- fix embedded-PDB detection to avoid false positives
* Updating consumed libraries and related changes.

# 5.0.663 (Ezoguma series release 1)
Bringing gifts, as is appropriate for the season
* [BUGFIX] Issue #46 -- handle the case of a left-behind `__Saved` directories by failing in a more obvious fashion (and offering a `/p:AltCoverForce=true` option to force-delete such a directory)
* Support instrumenting assemblies with embedded PDBs
 * [BREAKING] the `XUnit` assemblies have embedded PDBs, so will suddenly be caught up in instrumentation without a `-e xunit` or equivalent to exclude them
* [BREAKING] Complete API overhaul to properly address known problems and to try to future-proof everything against any similar issues -- see the Wiki [here for in-process execution](,-plus-Fake-and-Cake-integration) and [here for FAKE scripting](

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