XeroxDev.Loupedeck.Template 2.1.2

dotnet new install XeroxDev.Loupedeck.Template::2.1.2                
This package contains a .NET Template Package you can call from the shell/command line.

1. Table of content

2. What is this template

This is a Loupedeck .NET Template and I've created this so it is easier and more productive for me, to create Loupedeck Windows Plugins and release them to my users.

3. Features

  • On release-build, creates automatically a installer (lplug4 file) for the plugin
  • Has support for git
  • Uses commitizen and github workflow to automatically bump version, generates changelog and tags it
  • Uses conventionalcommits to better organize commit history and is helping changelog generation
  • Includes github repository workflow (to enable, go into .github/workflows and rename to release.yml)
  • Includes github repository issue templates
  • Includes giant/useful .gitignore file
  • Includes run/debug options (for rider). Please double check the execution path!

4. How to use it

  1. Install the template (dotnet new -i XeroxDev.Loupedeck.Template)
  2. Create a project from template (dotnet new loupedeck-template -n PROJECT_NAME)
    • If you create a project with an IDE, please check "Put solution and project in the same folder" or similar option.
    • Available options:
      • --AddSln Add a solution file to the project.
      • --CreateInRoot Create the project in the root folder
  3. If not worked automatically, restore nuget packages with nuget restore
  4. If you installed your loupedeck to a different location, change it in your .csproj file (<LoupedeckInstallation>...</LoupedeckInstallation>)
  5. Change plugin information in the metadata files (/LoupedeckPackage.yaml, /package.json, /ProjectNamePlugin/PluginConfiguration.json, /ProjectNamePlugin/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs and so on)
  6. Start coding your plugin
  7. Debug code with Debug|AnyCPU profile
  8. To create installer, choose the Release|AnyCPU profile and build project
  9. Release your .lplug4

5. Support / Feedback

Feel free to join our discord here!

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Version Downloads Last updated
2.1.2 642 5/12/2022
2.1.1 404 5/12/2022
2.1.0 388 5/12/2022
2.0.1 393 5/11/2022
2.0.0 419 5/11/2022
1.0.1 402 12/15/2021
1.0.0 281 12/15/2021

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