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SocketIO4Net.Client is a C# websocket client for the very popular Socket.IO project by Guillermo Rauch. It leverages the WebSocket4Net client and SuperWebSocket library by Kerry Jiang as the underlying websocket provider. SocketIO4Net.Client can interact with Socket.IO instances in a very similar... More information
High-performance event-based .NET Socket.IO library with a convenient interface, aimed at writing the smallest possible code on the user side. Features: - Supports the latest version of Socket.IO server - Supports namespaces - The library is null-free and does not contain NRE - Event-based -... More information
The best SocketIO client for .netstd! 1 Lib, all platforms based on Ninja websockets with FIXED ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback ! yes, finally a secure socketIO client that works! Credits to: doghappy for baselayer