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DbExtensions is a data-access framework with a strong focus on query composition, granularity and code aesthetics. It supports both POCO and dynamic (untyped) mapping.
A cross-platform, fully asynchronous fork of the popular PetaPoco micro-ORM. Supports SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server CE. Runs on .NET Framework (4.5 and above), .NET Core (1.0 and 2.0), Mono, Xamarin (iOS, Mac, and Android), and UWP.
Allows code written against Insight.Database 3.x to run with the Insight.Database 4.x library with almost no changes. You only need this if you use certain deprecated features and don't have time to make minor changes.
Popsql is a library eliminating the need for magic SQL strings in your code.
ADO.NET Micro-ORM to SQL Server, implemented as a .Net Standard 2.0 library. This library is designed to use stored procedures, table-valued parameters and structured static mappers, with the goal of reading and saving of complex object graphs at once in the fast, convinient and efficient... More information
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TypeSql compiles annotated SQL into strongly-typed data-access-objects
Small and simple to use and understand. Full object hierarchy CRUD support. Saves all object properties and the relationships to related tables. Also supports collection properties. Allows developers to write sql as needed for reads. The design just maps the results to the objects. Writes are... More information