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  • http
HTTP header parser implementations. This package was built from the source code at https://github.com/aspnet/HttpAbstractions/tree/91db78cf926939821bc96e8e60616cf5dde0b489
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C# implementation of gRPC based on native gRPC C-core library.
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  • http
URI Template resolution library - Implementation of RFC 6570
Azure Key Vault enables users to store and use cryptographic keys within the Microsoft Azure environment. Azure Key Vault supports multiple key types and algorithms and enables the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for high value customer keys. In addition, Azure Key Vault allows users to... More information
The Execution Context Scoping package adds the 'Execution Context Scope' lifestyle, which allows instances to live within an explicitly defined execution context scope (or logical call context) and get disposed when this scope ends. This scope allows flowing through asynchronous method calls.
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gRPC and Protocol Buffer compiler for managed C# and native C++ projects. Add this package to a project that contains .proto files to be compiled to code. It contains the compilers, include files and project system integration for gRPC and Protocol buffer service description files necessary to... More information
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  • Easy Common
A set of useful methods used across Easy.* projects.