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  • Tungsten W C# library
Tungsten is a C# library of classes which make application development easier.
Tungsten.Net makes it easy to add tcp sockets to your application. Client and server classes are provided, with and without assymetric encryption. Note that the secure classes always use RSA for encryption; no symmetric session key is exchanged. For larger data sets, this can make the secure... More information
Tungsten.Property is a class which implements IPropertyChangedNotifier. PropertySlim is a lightweight version of Property and can be used in simpler scenarios (where ownership isn't necessary)
Named pipe wrappers to simplify named-pipe use in your application. PipeClient for clients and PipeServer for single-instance servers. As pipes must have a server for each connected client, PipeHost will host multple PipeServers with the same pipe name.
STSdb is an open-source, client/server and embedded NoSQL database and virtual file system in one. It is built up from scratch without using any third party components. Data is stored in a very flexible key-value format where the key consists of the combination of sub-keys and an associated value.... More information
Tungsten.Firewall is a minimal library, using NetFwTypeLib, to add and remove Windows firewall rules. Note that your application will need administrative rights to add/remove firewall rules.
Tungsten.As provides extension methods for quick conversions (As<T>, AsBase64, AsBytes, AsCompressed, AsString).