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Fred's ImageMagick Script TwoColorThresh
Automatically thresholds an image to binary (b/w) format using an adaptive spatial subdivision color reduction technique. This is the -colors IM operator as implemented with slight modification from Anthony's Examples at http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/quantize/#two_color. For algorithm details,... More information
Fred's ImageMagick Script Autotrim
Automatically trim a (nearly) uniform color border around an image. If the image is rotated, one can trim to the bounding box around the image area or alternately trim to the maximum central area that contains no border pixels. The excess border does not have to completely surround the image. It may... More information
Fred's ImageMagick Script Unperspective
Attempts to automatically remove pespective distortion from an image without the need to manually pick control points. This technique is limited and relies upon the ability to isolate the outline or boundary of the distorted quadrilateral in the input image from its surrounding background. This... More information
Fred's ImageMagick Script Whiteboard
Processses a picture of a whiteboard with writing on it to clean up the background and correct the perspective. The four corners of the actual interior of the whiteboard in the picture must be supplied in order to correct the perspective.
Fred's ImageMagick Script Tshirt
Transforms an image to place it in a region of a tshirt image. The transformed image will display hightlights from the tshirt image and be distorted to match the wrinkles in the tshirt image.
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A .Net library for interacting with St. Louis Fed API
Fred's ImageMagick Script Embroidery
Applies an embroidery effect to each color in an image. The image must have limited number of colors or only the top most frequent colors will be used. Each color will get the same pattern, but at different rotation angles.
Fred's ImageMagick Script Cartoon
Creates a cartoon-like appearance to an image. The image is smoothed and then multiplied by a grayscale version of the image with the desired number of levels to produce the segmented appearance. The pattern parameter changes the shape of the segmentation for the given number of levels. Edges are... More information
A .Net library for interacting with the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) API. This is a free package. If this project helps you reduce time to develop, please make a donation via our project page. It encourages us to keep making the package better and more efficient. Thank you.