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SharpCamera是专业的UVC摄像头深控类库。允许您在C#代码内修改摄像头的高级参数,比如亮度、对比度、清晰度、色调、饱和度、伽玛值、白平衡、逆光对比、增益、缩放、焦点、曝光、光圈、全景、倾斜、滚动等参数,且可以立即生效。可以对画面进行旋转,抓拍、获取每一帧的帧图片等操作。接口调用简单,不依赖任何第三方类库,.NET Framework2.0或更高皆可完美运行。
SharpImage is a professional image special effect and image composition class library for. NET(C#, VB). With it, you can quickly realize Photoshop filter effects and layer composition. 1. Built-in 50+ kinds of image special effect filters. (such as brightness, contrast, negative, image shadow,... More information