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A lightweight enterprise Function as a service (FaaS) framework to write function based serverless and micro-service applications in hybrid multi-datacentre, on-premise and Azure environments, offering modern patterns such as CQRS and event-sourcing. Offering a superior combination of serverless,... More information
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Package provides utility to retrieve member records from Microsoft Graph from valid user Bearer tokens.
The Microsoft.TeamFoundation namespace provides classes and interfaces to work with artifacts (Artifact) in Team Foundation. This namespace also contains classes that represent general information about Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, such as TeamFoundationVersion and... More information
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Rust is a curly-brace, block-structured expression language. It visually resembles the C language family, but differs significantly in syntactic and semantic details. Its design is oriented toward concerns of “programming in the large”, that is, of creating and maintaining boundaries – both abstract... More information
A simplistic facade to 10Gen's official, embedded C# MongoDB driver. Additional added functionality includes asynchonous support and interface-driven operational usage. Designed to simplify integration and abstract noise of the underlying driver.
This library allows the creation of Manager, Root and Block services for a CoudB network infrastructure: applications which want to expose a machine through a specific network protocol (eg. TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.) will reference this library for all the major storage and operational features.